Greetings! You’re probably tired of reading “coronavirus updates” from every company you’ve ever done business with.  But alas, we just wanted to reassure everyone that we are still here and haven’t lost our sanity.  We are still working from the office and will hopefully continue to do so until it seems too risky for our

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Coronavirus Part 2

We hope this letter finds you well, and your health is good—both your physical AND emotional health!  Since our last blog post on Feb 28, the spread of the coronavirus continues, which should be surprising to no one.  As it continues, the precautions to prevent its further spread have ramped up dramatically.  If there is

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1st Qtr Newsletter- April 2019

The key to making money in stocks is not to get scared out of them.                                                                                                             Peter Lynch Building Your Economic Security with Rising Dividends Sometimes investors lose sleep over their equity investments because of a sinking spell in the market, ominous news stories, interest rate moves, changes in tax rates, etc.  But for long-term

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