Welcome to the 2007 Recession

You might have noticed a lot of haranguing lately in the media about “recessionary concerns.”  In September and October, it seemed everyday we were confronted with headlines such as “Market drops 777 points on fears of possible recession.”  As logical as this might sound, we were convinced that the recession probably started long ago, and

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Temporary Insanity

While we wonder whether the market has completely lost its mind, or is merely temporarily insane, we look to some of our favorite quantitative indicators for some degree of comfort. One word of caution, as always:  nothing, even the best-looking numbers ever, can tell us when the malaise in the market will end.  These should

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Is Today the Day?

Good question.  You didn’t honestly think we’re going to call the bottom right now, did you? We posted some charts late Monday (which, despite the market continuing to drop, are still valid), and we have another today.  This is a technical chart, so take it with a grain of salt, showing how much the market

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Market Update

As you are likely aware, Wall Street has been undergoing shock therapy in the last couple weeks.  From the failure of Lehman Brothers, to the emergency loan for AIG, to the Treasury’s proposal to spend upwards of $700 billion to buy troubled financial assets, last week was an unprecedented week for the U.S. financial system. 

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