George Donner

George, a Portfolio Manager for Monarch since 1998, started his investment career in the Trust Department at Fort Wayne National Bank, working for David Meyer. George
is fascinated by the challenge of recognizing high-quality companies, focusing
on a company’s management, earnings and profitability. He enjoys comparing the finances
of competitors in an industry and trying to determine what makes one company a
better investment than another. On a non-technical level, what he likes most
about his work at Monarch is getting to know the people he meets as customers.
Many become good friends.  

He received his AB degree in physics from Princeton University, and has a PhD from
Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 1993, pursuing his interest in
investing, he earned the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation, a
difficult three-year course of study (it took him four).

Married since 1969, George and Ann now have two children and four grandchildren.
Shortly after their wedding they moved to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for two
memorable years, where he taught physics at Haile Sellassie l University, and
Ann, a Master’s graduate of New England Conservatory and a Fulbright scholar,
taught music at a school for the children of missionaries.  

George and Ann are both active musicians, he on oboe and English horn, and she on flute, recorder, and accordion. In his time off from Monarch, George performs with various musical groups including the Marion Philharmonic, the Manchester Symphony, and the Jaenicke Consort. From 1976 to 1989, he was a member of the Fort Wayne Philharmonic. Other strong interests are travel; gardening; reading whatever interests him, currently Shakespeare plays; and cooking good food (preferably not too complicated), especially Mediterranean recipes. He loves trying out different varieties of Extra Virgin olive oil, and olives, from various countries.