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Gloom has been a Global Phenomenon

Investors have seen their fair share of doom and gloom in U.S. stocks during the first quarter of 2008 as our financial crisis continues to unfold.  In addition, the dollar continues its downward slide against major currencies around the world.  However, against common wisdom, foreign stocks have actually crashed much harder than U.S. stocks so […]

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Bank Stocks: How Much Pain is Enough?

The question of the day for investors is when will bank stocks stop falling?  Notice we said “when,” not “if.”  Banks generally have a fundamental earnings base:  they have a base of deposits, on which they must pay interest, and a base of loans and securities, on which they collect interest.  The market works such […]

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How are you feeling about stocks these days?

To those of you who weren’t aware that the market has dropped 6% in the last month, we salute you!  More than likely, you are doing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing:  not worrying.  The Monarchians aren’t worrying either.  It’s not that we don’t care about losing money, but we feel safer about our […]

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The American Borat

As some of you may know, I just returned from Kazakhstan, where we adopted our new daughter.  Her name is Magdalena (Maggie for short), she is 10 months old, and is one awesome girl.  We had a very blessed (and very long—6 weeks) trip—not in the sense that life was easy or comfortable, but it […]

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