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4th Qtr Newsletter- Jan. 2020

For a moment, I want you to picture this: the year is 2009 and you are an investment fund manager getting ready to write your annual letter to investors. After a troublesome 2008, 2009 is shaping up to be slightly more encouraging, but profound challenges in the economy are still present and Dow Jones Industrial […]

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3rd Qtr Newsletter- Oct. 2019

Who do you trust for information these days?  It’s tough to know who’s bending the truth, or steering you to a point of view, right?  Seemingly half the country believes nothing that comes from our president’s mouth (or twitter account), but buys into everything dished out by the mainstream media.  The other half seems to […]

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2nd Qtr Newsletter- July 2019

The bull market and the economic recovery are now 10 years old.  We are starting to see signs of weakness in leading economic indicators, and the Fed is now talking about the prospect of lowering interest rates later this year.  This comes fairly quickly after the Fed evidently concluded, on December 19 of last year, […]

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1st Qtr Newsletter- April 2019

The key to making money in stocks is not to get scared out of them.                                                                                                             Peter Lynch Building Your Economic Security with Rising Dividends Sometimes investors lose sleep over their equity investments because of a sinking spell in the market, ominous news stories, interest rate moves, changes in tax rates, etc.  But for long-term […]

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Quarterly Newsletter-January 2019

You Know You Want to Read about the Fed The U.S. Federal Reserve Bank was founded over 100 years ago. It has a dual mandate of assisting the economy with full employment and striving for price stability. Over 100 years, the Fed has gone through periods where it is quite unpopular, even controversial. After the […]

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December 2019 Seminar Recap

Happy Friday the 13th! Hopefully your life is filled more with Christmas cheer than Halloween spookiness these days. The stock market continues to be on Santa’s Nice List as we approach the end of the year, with a new high set yesterday. Brexiteers certainly got what they’ve been asking for (for 3 ½ years!?) in […]

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Monarch is turning 25!

In 1994, 25 years ago, Monarch Capital Management opened its doors for the first time. We are excited to celebrate with our clients at our Open House this June. Look for your invitation in the mail . . . see you soon!

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So Is This Inverted?

3/28/19 In case you were reluctant to answer because you don’t remember what an inverted yield curve is (gasp), let us help.  An inverted yield curve simply means that short-term treasury bond yields are higher than long-term treasury bond yields.  This is the opposite of a normal yield curve, which features short-term yields that are […]

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