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December 2019 Seminar Recap

Happy Friday the 13th! Hopefully your life is filled more with Christmas cheer than Halloween spookiness these days. The stock market continues to be on Santa’s Nice List as we approach the end of the year, with a new high set yesterday. Brexiteers certainly got what they’ve been asking for (for 3 ½ years!?) in […]

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Monarch is turning 25!

In 1994, 25 years ago, Monarch Capital Management opened its doors for the first time. We are excited to celebrate with our clients at our Open House this June. Look for your invitation in the mail . . . see you soon!

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So Is This Inverted?

3/28/19 In case you were reluctant to answer because you don’t remember what an inverted yield curve is (gasp), let us help.  An inverted yield curve simply means that short-term treasury bond yields are higher than long-term treasury bond yields.  This is the opposite of a normal yield curve, which features short-term yields that are […]

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Another anniversary. Hopefully the last for a while!

You might recall that last September and October marked the 10th anniversary of the onset of the financial crisis in 2008.  Those were scary days, when banks failed, Wall Street needed the federal government’s rescue, many credit markets stopped functioning, and the stock market was “waterfalling” 7% on some days.  Thanks to a combination of […]

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We are Under Construction!

As Monarch Capital Management approaches its 25th Anniversary this August, we are looking forward to celebrating this milestone in a new and improved space. We are looking forward to not only a new, updated look, but also more space as we continue to grow. Old buildings have a way of surprising construction teams and we […]

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Panic has taken hold.

While it’s probably risky to put anything into writing amidst the stock market’s current bout with panic, we feel it’s important to provide some context for what’s going on in real time.  First of all, corrections and bear markets happen; they’re part of the circle of life, unfortunately.  Just because they happen doesn’t mean that […]

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Lunch Seminar Recap

Thank you to everyone who joined us for lunch on Tuesday. It was nearly standing room only, with a crowd of 52! After introducing the group to our newest Monarchian, Stephanie, Dave took a straw poll to see how many folks wanted him to talk about the Fed. After 3 hands went up (one of […]

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All Clear!

Now that we’re on the other side of the election, we can take stock of how the great big uncertainty is finally removed, and everything is clear.  That probably doesn’t sound wholly accurate, does it?  All we know is that Washington will be divided when new Congresspeople are sworn in in January (despite numerous races […]

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