Monarch Updates

Greetings from Omaha ’24

Warm greetings to you from Fort Rain, where the yard is soggy but the grass is as green as green can be.  That’s probably not going to make it past the first round in a Greater Fort Wayne contest for a new city motto, but it’s no less true.  Last month was the rainiest April […]

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1Q Newsletter – April 2024

Modern Times I:  Investing in a Changing World Change can present opportunity for the enterprising investor, but new ideas do not always make the transition from an inventor’s dream into something tangible.  Certain countries, for various reasons, do not provide suitable growing conditions.  America seems a particularly favorable (though not the only) incubator, judging by

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4Q Newsletter – January 2024

Staying the Course Many people possess the intellect needed to analyze data, but far fewer are able to look more deeply into things and withstand the powerful influence of psychology. The biggest investing errors come not from factors that are informational or analytical, but from those that are psychological. -Howard Marks Human behavior is a

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2023 Winter Seminar Recap

Thanks to everyone who turned out for our annual seminar on Tuesday, December 5.  It was a festive atmosphere and there were a ton of great conversations between clients and Monarchians.  The market’s great run in November surely aided and abetted the jovial mood. Adam took us on a trip down memory lane, with a

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3Q Newsletter- October 2023

The Soft Landing Dream One awesome perk of my job is that I learn new things every day without even trying.  Did you know the average stock in the S&P 500 is down in 2023?  Also, no president has ever been re-elected when a recession occurred in the back half of his first term.  The

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2 Q Newsletter – July 2023

Home Depot (HD) In case you haven’t noticed, we are long-term investors. Quarterly earnings are important, but we are not going to sell a core holding because of a single disappointing quarter. One of our core stocks, Home Depot, recently reported disappointing first quarter earnings on May 16th.  Sales were down 4% and earnings down

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1Q Newsletter- April 2023

The Unseen Power of a Quiet Man                                      The American Dream is simply that a person of humble beginnings can make his/her own way and get ahead in life.  We have observed too many self-made millionaires, in various fields, ever to doubt it.  Opportunity is there, and always has been – though it disguises itself in

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March Madness again?

It seems like crazy things tend to happen in March, and this March is no exception.  Last Friday, the 16th largest bank in the U.S., Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), failed in spectacular, breathtaking fashion.  Two days prior, by all outward appearances, this was a stable bank, whose stock price finished Wednesday at $267.83, up a

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Fun Facts About Indexes

With such a riveting headline, you’re probably a little skeptical of how much time you want to dedicate to this blog post… We all take for granted, to some degree, that the indexes that represent the stock market are, in fact, the stock market.  When someone asks how the market performed over a certain period,

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4Q Newsletter – December 2022

Standing the Test of Time Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, once articulated that a question he is asked over and over again is, “What’s going to change over the next 10 years?” Bezos goes on to express that it is a common and interesting question, but he is almost never asked, “What’s not going

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