About Monarch

Monarch Capital Management was formed in 1994 by four trust officers from the Fort Wayne National Bank Trust Department.  Since then, many of the large banks in Fort Wayne have been acquired by banks headquartered elsewhere and have altered their way of serving investors.  Our core focus, however, remains the same as it has always been:  to provide customized investment solutions and help our customers make better financial decisions.

Research is the foundation of sound investment decision-making.  We learn all we can about companies, their industries, and their competitors.  We engage their senior managements when we can.  We crunch the important numbers, such as earnings growth, cash flows, dividends, and profitability.  We decide what companies are worth your investment dollars and at what price.  Our research is applied when we meet with you to determine the best investments for your needs, right here in Fort Wayne.

We come to the table with a completely independent, unbiased view of investable assets.  And yet we have access to all the data we need, from data providers, Wall Street analysts, and the companies themselves.  The way we interpret the data is what sets us apart from our peers.  We utilize our collective research to make the most sensible investment decisions for you.

Our professionals have been investing portfolios and serving customers for decades, and have gained valuable experience with estate planning, retirement planning, financial decision support, retirement plan administration, and managing family offices.  The Monarch team can give you the personal service you are looking for.