The Long Run | Monarch Capital Management


At Monarch, we do the investing. The foundation of our approach is to invest your portfolio directly into high-quality growth companies and high-quality bonds.  After we sit down with you to assess your financial needs, we customize an investment strategy and action plan that best help you meet your objectives.  We also consider your income needs, where you want your money to go in the future, your income and estate tax considerations and your tolerance for volatility.  We are a Registered Investment Advisor with the Securities and Exchange Commission.  We act as a fiduciary for you and manage your investments with absolute prudence.

If you want us to do more, we can.  We can help you plan for your retirement.  We can help you make big financial decisions.  We can help you save for future education expenses.  We can help you be charitable more efficiently.  Most of all, we can give you peace of mind, knowing that we’re covering the bases.  We call it the Personal CFO service.  You’re the CEO of your life, and you can lean on us as your CFO, watching out for your financial well-being and being available as a resource whenever you need one.

Just to show we’re in your corner, our fee is based on the size of your portfolio.  Our only motivation is for our customers to see their investments perform well.  We don’t charge commissions and we don’t sell products, so we have no incentive to disrupt your portfolio.  We don’t charge hourly fees for working with you for your planning needs, so you aren’t penalized for asking for our help.  We’ve been helping families in northeast Indiana with their investments for over 40 years, and we’re just getting started.  Whenever you need us, we’ll be here.